Regular events

Sunday Evening Chapel

A small congregation celebrates together each Sunday evening at 5:30pm in the Chapel, often followed by a cup of tea or coffee in the main house. Everyone is welcome. 

Weekly Sunday services commence at 5.30pm
1st Sunday  – Taize service
2nd Sunday – Eucharist with Bishop Rob Nolan 
3rd Sunday – Meditative service (Heather Eckersley) 
4th Sunday – Agape Meal (sometimes with speaker)
5th Sunday – Quiet evening prayer, reflection, Labyrinth

Artists in residence

The rooms under St Clare's
Cottage (hallway shown here) are workspaces for lease by our Artists in Residence, who use the Old Friary as a reflective and sacred space for artistic creativity.  Their artworks are often, among others, seen hanging in the main house.

Sea of Faith
Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA) meet at The Old Friary on the first Sunday of the month at 7:30pm in St Christopher's Lodge.  

"SoFiA is a network of Australians who are interested in the non-dogmatic discussion of religion, faith and meaning. We want to explore for ourselves what we can believe and how we can find meaning in our lives.

SoFiA is not a church: it is a forum for discussing ideas, experiences and possibilities.  Any who find themselves in sympathy with our aim - 'promoting the open exploration of religion, faith and meaning' - are most welcome to join us."

The contact person for SoFiA at Brookfield is Helen Mason (  The website is
Northumbria Celtic Community

Heather and David Eckersley are members of the Northumbria Celtic Community in Australia. The Northumbria Community, founded in England, adheres to a celtic spirituality practice. The 3rd Sunday meditative service (see at left) is led by Heather as a member of the Northumbria Community.  

Tai Chi
Tai Chi sessions are held on Saturday and Monday mornings at 8 am. These are not instruction sessions but are about participation at whatever level suits you.  A donation of $5 is requested and tea and coffee are available afterwards.  Contact Kevin
for Monday on 3376 1830.